Here you can download the latest stable versions of all the EducateZilla apps.

EdZilla EzMath Basic Math games

EdZilla EzMath Basic Math games    Download

EdZilla EzEnglish word games

EdZilla EzEnglish word games    Download

EdZilla EzKannada word game

EdZilla EzKannada word game    Download

EdZilla EzTextBook for Kannada medium

EdZilla EzTextBook for Kannada medium Download

EdZilla EzNMMS for Kannada medium

EdZilla EzNMMS for Kannada medium    Download

EdZilla EzNMMS for English medium

EdZilla EzNMMS for English medium    Download


We highly recommend the use of AnySoftKeyboard with the above apps. Google Keyboard tends to bring up suggestions which can be confusing to young children.
Download AnySoftKeyboard
Download AnySoftKeyboard - Kannada language pack